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Athletic Office hours:  July 27th, 28th and 29th from 10:30 to 12:30 and 2:30 to 5:30    Starting on July 30th regular hours 9 am to 4 pm .  


  • Parents and participants must read, understand and agree to the general eligibility guidelines
    as outlined in the CHSAA Competitor's Brochure.  It is also the athlete’s responsibility to know and understand these eligibility rules:'s_Brochure_2020_2021.pdf

  • Eligibility at Rocky follows Plan B of CHSAA  Article 17 of General Eligibility.  (For CHSAA ByLaws click here) In the block schedule,
    students must maintain enrollment in a minimum of three classes per term to remain eligible for participation
    in interscholastic athletics.  According to the guidelines of the Colorado High School Activities Association
    (CHSAA), athletes must pass at least five classes (25 credit hours) during the semester (Terms 1 & 2 or
    Terms 3 & 4)
    to retain eligibility.  Those who do not pass 25 credit hours during the semester will become
    ineligible for the next nine weeks.
  • Eligibility will be checked at the beginning of each season.  Fall eligibility is determined in August based
    on credits earned in Terms 3 & 4 of the prior school year (these credits will be checked).  Winter eligibility is
    checked twice, once in November (credits earned in Terms 3 & 4 of the prior school year) and in January
    (credits earned in Terms 1 & 2 of current school year).  Spring eligibility is checked in February
    (credits eared in Terms 1 & 2 of current school year). 
  • Rocky Mountain checks athletic eligibility on a weekly basis.  Athletes identified as failing two or more
    classes will be declared ineligible and will lose one week of eligibility beginning on the following Monday
    through Saturday.  A coach may choose to have higher standards, but must, at a minimum, maintain
    the above policy.
  • On the day of a contest athletes must attend school at least half of the day (two class periods)
    in order to participate in an athletic competition scheduled for that date.  Exceptions such as family
    emergencies must be cleared through the Athletic Director’s office. 
  • Athletes may make up failed courses, and regain their athletic eligibility, by attending summer school. 
    Any previously failed high school class may be made up regardless of the term the failure occurred. 
    A class in an area required for graduation may be taken to replace credits failed in an elective class. 
    However, students/athletes need to be aware that the summer school curriculum is limited and may
    not include the courses needed.  The best option is to pass the class initially.
  • We want our athletes to be successful students as well as accomplished athletes.  Research studies
    around the country continue to indicate that students who participate in athletics earn higher grades
    than non-participants, and athletes perform better academically during their seasons than during their
    off seasons.  Based on these data alone, parents should continue to hold high academic
    expectations for their student/athletes throughout the school year.

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