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If an athlete is not registered to attend Rocky Mountain HS, but wishes to participate athletically must be placed by the District AD. 
This applies to home school students, students who attend private schools or charter schools that do not offer a specific program that a student wishes to participate in.

For placement info visit:

Once placed by the District AD, student must print out and complete the following forms and bring in to Ms Seale, Athletic Secretary at Rocky Mountain HS:
All high school students participating in PSD Athletics must have these forms completed online or turned into their school prior to participation: HOMESCHOOL ATHLETES MUST ALSO FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM, AND PROVIDE AN E-MAIL OF THE PERSON THE ATHLETIC SECRETARY IS IN TOUCH WITH WEEKLY:  Jan - May Homeschool Form for winter/spring athletes, Aug-Nov Homeschool Form for fall athletes

FOR OTHER SCHOOL ATHLETES (I.E. CEC, COMPASS, ETC...) Athlete must provide contact information for person the Athletic Secretary obtains weekly eligibility info.  For CEC athletes, they must complete necessary form at CEC for eligibility info to be released to our Athletic Secretary.  Be sure to complete the form at CEC by the time athlete obtains orange card.
ATHLETIC FEES All Sports Boys & Girls Lacrosse Unified Sports Ice Hockey Nordic Skiing
PSD Non-Charter Students $175 $175 plus $180 $95 $175 plus $1,000 $175 plus pay as you go
Home-Based, Charter & Private School Students $263 $263 plus $270 $143 $263 plus $1,000 $263 plus pay as you go

No family maximum for fees.


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